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Horse 102: Holistic Alternatives

by April Love

What do you do when your horse gets sick or injured?

A Must-Have for Every Horse Owner

This is the next book in my series of sensible horse care, which we all wish we’d known a long time ago.

While you’re waiting for your veterinarian to arrive, this book offers some simple and effective things I have done to speed up recovery time and save money on costly vet bills. Suggestions in this book are much better ways to treat yourself and your horses at home with simple ingredients that speed up healing and save big money.

First-time horse owners— my hope is that this helps you safely and affordably care for your horses at home.

Long term horse owners— this should help condense what you keep in your tack area in reference to medicines and poultices.

Horse 102 is a book all about what should be in your equine medicine chest, what to do with it, and when. 

What’s in This Book?

What do you do when your horse is sick or injured? What’s the first step? What’s the second thing to do? Do you know? Well, here it all is in easy-to-follow suggestions that are very practical as well as effective, and affordable. With this book, you’ll lose a lot of worry and despair in urgent situations as we cover things like…

  • Wound care
  • Pain relief
  • Colic relief
  • Preventative alternatives
  • Electrolytes, yes or no?
  • To shoe or not to shoe?
  • Natural dewormers

  • Eye issues
  • Gelding issues
  • Scratches of mud fever
  • Autoimmune, allergy, and skin
  • Recommended natural products

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If you are ready to take your horse’s health in your own hands, then this is for you. Get ready for some of the most groundbreaking information you will ever discover as a horse lover.

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